Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to register as a member to post advertisements in MKMOLE?
Yes. To post advertisements in MKMOLE, you need to register as a member first.
Is it free to post advertisements?
Yes. It’s free to post advertisements in MKMOLE.
How can I post advertisements?
Click [Post advertisement] button on the top of the site.
I would like to show my advertisement at the top of the ad list within others.
MKMOLE shows advertisement by the date posted or edited. It means the latest advertisement shows at the top of the list. So, if you edit your existing advertisement, because it is recognized as the latest one, it will be listed at the top of the list.
I would like to add images with my advertisement.
You can add images with your advertisement. MKMOLE supports jpg, gif and png formats. Also, you can upload up to 4MB file.
My advertisement was suddenly deleted without any notice. Why did it happen?
These are some potential reasons below why advertisements could be deleted.

The content of the advertisement is considered against MKMOLE policy.
It is considered as spam posts or inadequate to publish.
How long my advertisement will be listed in MKMOLE?
Basically your advertisement will continue to be listed unless you delete by yourself. However, once your advertisement is no longer necessary, we recommend to delete as someone will contact you through it.
How can I edit or delete my advertisement?
After log in member page, you can see the list of advertisements you posted. You can click edit button to edit your advertisement. Also, you can delete your advertisements from there.
How can I contact the owner of the advertisement?
If you are interested in the advertisement, you can send email through the form prepared on the page. The email will be sent to the owner of the advertisement. Also, if there are any contact information written in the advertisement such as email address or phone number, you can directly contact with these information.
Is there any qualification check to my advertisement before listed in MKMOLE?
There is no qualification check for each advertisement. However, once we found that the advertisement is against our policy, we might delete them without any notice.
If there are any trouble occurred with the owner of the advertisement during the process of communication, will MKMOLE help us to solve the conflict?
No. MKMOLE only provides free classified service. The communication should be purely based on the user and the owner of the advertisement. MKMOLE has no responsibility about the discussion between user and the owner.